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Play Button We are establishing a defile (a narrow passage that constricts the movement of troops and vehicles). Play Button heenangan teh eeneen petapook peglabaayan (eeyeh habah lalabaayan eeyeh ga ee teketeh peheebal eeneen mengeh kesoondaloohan dook sakatan) Hinangan te inin petapuk peglabayan (Iya haba lalabayan iye ga’e tekete pehibal inin menge kesundaluhan duk sakatan)
Play Button The MP will allow traffic to move in only one direction at a time through the defile. Play Button eeyeh am pee eeneen baayah hadja tarapeek peheebal see deemboowah petoodjoohan beng pelabey see petapook peglalabaayan Iye MP inin baya’ hadja tarapik pehibal si dimbuwa’ petudjuhan beng pelabey si petapuk peglalabayan
Play Button Controls at defiles ensure that traffic moves with little delay. Play Button sagangan see petapook peglalabaayan mekeseegooroo eeneen tarapeek mekeheebal dook deekeeh deekeeh keh alalan Sagangan si petapuk peglalabayan mekesiguru inin tarapik mekehibal duk diki’diki’ ke-alalan
Play Button Have you been checked by security? Play Button ka oo beh bakas neh keenapkapan weh goowardeeya? Ka’u be bakas ne kinapkapan we’ guwardiya?
Play Button Is there heavy traffic in this area? Play Button neeya beh keh ek kahan tarapeek see loogal eeneen? Niya’ be ke-ekkahan tarapik si lugal inin?
Play Button Do you know that this road is off limits to local residents? Play Button keta oohan noo eeneen kalsara ga ee mekejaree labaayan dook aa ah mekebet tad too oo? Ketauhan nu inin kalsara ga’e mekejari labayan duk a’a mekebettad tu’u?
Play Button Move in one direction only. Play Button peheebal see deemboowah labaayan hadjeh Pehibal si dimbuwa labayan hadje
Play Button Proceed after military vehicles have passed. Play Button pesong beng soondaloo sakatan mekelabey neh Pesong beng sundalu sakatan mekelabey ne
Play Button Do not bypass the security checkpoint. Play Button da ah pelep pas see goowardeeya chek powen Da’a pelappas si guwardiya tsek powen
Play Button Please follow the signs. Play Button boosoong boosoong petoorool see seegnal Busung busung peturul si signal
Play Button Move the vehicle to the side of the road. Play Button peheebaloon eeyeh sakatan see beeheeng kalsara Pehibalun iye sakatan si bihing kalsara
Play Button Clear the road. Play Button lees seeneen eeyeh kalsara Lissinin iye kalsara
Play Button Clear the area. Play Button lees seeneen eeyeh loogal Lissinin iye lugal
Play Button Follow this vehicle. Play Button petoorool see sakatan eeneen Peturul si sakatan inin
Play Button Search this vehicle. Play Button leekeesaheen eeneen sakatan Likisahin inin sakatan
Play Button Secure the entire area for the convoy. Play Button antananoon eeyeh kememon loogal para see komboy Antananun iye kememon lugal para si komboy
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