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Play Button What communicable diseases in the local population pose the greatest risk to visiting foreigners? Play Button tang dee chu ming saagha zuoe zuoe bing way tay lay fang gha nga kuo ning zao zeng dzuoe tu gha way shee? 当地‘居民啥搿传染病会 对来访搿外国 人造成最大搿危险?
Play Button What medical conditions are the most common cause of death in this area? Play Button tang dee tao dzi siz wang gha dzuoe zang chee ping ying si saagha? 当地导致死亡搿 最常见病因是啥搿?
Play Button Who is the local physician in this area? Play Button kete saa ning si peng dee gha ee san? 搿笪啥人是本地搿医生?
Play Button Where is he located and how can I contact him? Play Button yee la sa deefang? na neng ka kuyee shin tao yi? 伊勒啥地方?哪能介可以寻到伊?
Play Button What parasites exist in local food and water? Play Button tang dee gha se ve kao siz li shiang yiou saagha chi seng zong? 当地搿食物交水里厢有啥搿寄生虫?
Play Button What diseases infect newborn children? Play Button shin seng gha way kuoe zuoe saagha mao bing? 新生儿会感染啥搿毛病?
Play Button What chemical residues or foreign substances exist in the environment and may contribute to illness? Play Button kuay ching lee yiou saagha huoe ye ve dze huo dzai tuo pin ku neng way tao dzi kuo dzong mao bing? 环境里有啥搿化学物质或者毒品可能会导致各种毛病?
Play Button What sexually transmitted diseases are common in the local populace? Play Button tang dee ning tang dzong zuoe poo gha sang chee shing bing siz saagha? 当地人当中传播搿常见性病是啥搿?
Play Button What diseases infect local livestock? Play Button tang dee san tsu kuoe zuoe saagha chi bing? 当地牲畜感染啥搿疾病?
Play Button What sanitation problems affect the local population? Play Button saagha way seng weng dee ying shiang tang di ning? 啥搿卫生问题影响当地人?
Play Button Is there any nuclear, biological or chemical contamination in the area? Play Button peng dee yiou ve yiou ha seng huo wu zuoe? 本地有勿有核生化污染?
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