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Play Button We are assisting local law enforcement by assessing the criminal activity and security concerns in this area. Play Button aa la ee zay la shya zu deefang dze fa chee kuay pin ku tsi dee vai zuoe huo dong kao uoe juoe weng dee 阿拉现在勒协助地方执法机关评估此地犯罪活动交 安全问题
Play Button Would you be willing to discuss safety concerns you have about ___? Play Button na nyu yi tao len yiou kuay ___ gha uoe juoe weng dee va? 捺愿意讨论有关___搿安全问题伐?
Play Button Your name will not be associated with any information you provide. Play Button nong gha min zi va way ta kao nong tee kong gha ching pao lee shi chi lay gha 侬搿名字勿会得交侬提供搿情报联系起来搿
Play Button The information will be used to protect people in the neighborhood, the local police, politicians, and military from groups that wish to cause instability. Play Button kagha ching pao way te yiong lay pao wu kagha suo chyu gha lau pe shing, tang di ching tse, dzeng zi chia hai yiou chun day, si yi la ve way sou tao poo wa hu bing dzu dze gha way hay 葛搿情报会得用来保护葛搿社区搿老百姓、当地警察、政治家还有军队,使伊拉勿会受到破坏和平组织搿危害
Play Button By providing information on ___ you will help to save lives. Play Button nong tee kong pa aa la yiou kuai ___ gha ching pao, ka chiu way pang zu aa la way chiu chiao kuay ning gha seng ming 侬提供拨阿拉有关___搿情报,葛就会帮助阿拉挽救交关人搿生命
Play Button Have you been asked by any other US personnel to assist in providing information? Play Button yow va yow pay gha may kuo ning yow nong pa ee la tee kong ching pow? 有勿 有别搿美国人要侬交伊拉提供情报?
Play Button How long have you lived at ___? Play Button nong la kata siz la too saw sengkuang la ___? 浓勒搿笪住了多少辰光了___?
Play Button What are your feelings about the US presence in the area? Play Button maykuo ning la kata, nong kuo ze naa neng? 美国人勒搿笪,侬觉着哪能?
Play Button Would you be willing to contact me in the future if you observed something suspicious? Play Button chia si nong pan tao saagha koo yee gha siz tee, nong nyu yi kao nguo leeshi va? 假使侬碰到啥搿可疑搿事体,侬愿意交我联系伐?
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