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Play Button What is the condition of the weapon? Play Button ishnoo Haalat islaaH? شُنْوَ حالَة السَلاح؟
Play Button Why is the weapon in this condition? Play Button 'alaah islaaH fee hal Haala? عَلاه السَلاح في هَلْحالَة؟
Play Button Who maintains the weapons? Play Button ishkoonee laahee biSyaanit il asilHa? إِشْكوني لاهي بِصِيَانَة الأسلَحَة؟
Play Button How do you get replacement parts and weapons? Play Button keefaash itjeeb iqTa' gheeyaar wasilHa? كيفاش تِجِيب قِطَع غِيار وأسْلِحة؟
Play Button Where are the weapons stored? Play Button feen maKhzoona il asilHa? فين مَخْزونَة الأسْلِحَة؟
Play Button Is the storage facility guarded? Play Button il maKhzan yi'isoo 'aleyh? المَخْزَن يِعِسُّو عَليه؟
Play Button How are the weapons transported? Play Button keefaash yitim naqil il asilHa? كِيفاشْ يِتِم نَقْلِ الأسْلِحة؟
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