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Play Button We are establishing a defile (a narrow passage that constricts the movement of troops and vehicles). Play Button moong yawaa tanga laaR jooRa wo مونږ یوه تنګه لار جوړه وو
Play Button The MP will allow traffic to move in only one direction at a time through the defile. Play Button enzibaat ba pa tanga laaR ke motuRey pa yaw waKht pa yaw taRaf pRigdee انظبات به په تنګه لار کی موتری په یو وخت په یو طرف پریږدی
Play Button Controls at defiles ensure that traffic moves with little delay. Play Button pa tanga laaR key postey ba daa momkena kRee che motuRoona wana zandigee په تنګه لار کی پوستی به د ا ممکنه کړی چه موتړرونه ونه ځنډیږی
Play Button Have you been checked by security? Play Button ta amneeyatee kasaano talaashee kaRey yi? ته امنیتی کسانو تلاشی کړی یئ؟
Play Button Is there heavy traffic in this area? Play Button dagha zaay key da motuRo beeRobaaR shtaa? دغه ځای کی د موترو بیروبار شته؟
Play Button Do you know that this road is off limits to local residents? Play Button poheygee che dagha laaR da mahalee oseedunko dapaaRa mamnoo' da? پوهیږی چه دغه لار د محلی اوسیدونکو دپاره ممنوع ده؟
Play Button Move in one direction only. Play Button yawaazee yo taRaf baandey za یوازی یو طرف باندی ځه
Play Button Proceed after military vehicles have passed. Play Button da 'askaRee motuRo da teReydoona pas laaR sha د عسکری موټرو د تیریدونه پس لاړ شه
Play Button Do not bypass the security checkpoint. Play Button da amneeyatee talaashee postey tsaKha ma teReyga د امنیتی تلاشی پستی څخه مه تیریږه
Play Button Please follow the signs. Play Button naKho ta goRey نښو ته ګوری
Play Button Move the vehicle to the side of the road. Play Button motuR da saRak ghaaRee ta boza موټر د سرک غاړی ته بوزه
Play Button Clear the road. Play Button laaR safaa kRa لار صفا کړه
Play Button Clear the area. Play Button zaay safaa kRa ځای صفا کړه
Play Button Follow this vehicle. Play Button dagha motuR ta'aqib kRa دغه موتر تعقیب کړه
Play Button Search this vehicle. Play Button dagha motuR wulatawa دغه موتر ولټوه
Play Button Secure the entire area for the convoy. Play Button tola seema da kaaRawaan da paaRa amneeyat kRey ټوله سیمه د کاروان د پاره امنیت کړی
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