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Play Button What is the condition of the weapon? Play Button da wasley haalat sanga dey? د وسلې حالت څنګه دی؟
Play Button Why is the weapon in this condition? Play Button waslaa pa daasey haalat key waley dey? وسله په داسې حالت کې ولې دی؟
Play Button Who maintains the weapons? Play Button sok da wasley paamlaRana aw saatana kawee? څوک د وسلې پاملرنه او ساتنه کوی؟
Play Button How do you get replacement parts and weapons? Play Button taaso waslaa aw da wasley da paaRa izaafee poRzey sanga peyda kawee? تاسو وسله او د وسلې د پاره اضافی پرزې څنګه پيدا کوی؟
Play Button Where are the weapons stored? Play Button waslaa chaRta jamaa keygee? وسله چرته جمع کيږی؟
Play Button Is the storage facility guarded? Play Button stoR maRkaz da paaRa hifaazatee dastaa shta? سټور مرکز د پاره حفاظتی دسته شته؟
Play Button How are the weapons transported? Play Button waslaa sanga waRlal RawaRlal keegee? وسله څنګه وړل راوړل کيږی؟
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