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Play Button Where and when did you observe the IED? Play Button taaso baaRoodee suRang chaRta aw kalaa kataley wo? تاسو بارودی سرنګ چرته او کله کتلې وو؟
Play Button Who emplaced the IED? Play Button chaa baaRoodee suRang eyKhaley wo? چا بارودی سرنګ ايښلې وو؟
Play Button How is the IED detonated? Play Button baaRoodee suRang sanga chaawdal keegee? بارودی سرنګ څنګه چاودل کيږی؟
Play Button What types of ammunition are used in the explosive device? Play Button pa chaawdeedunkee saamaan key koom kisam gola baaRood isteymaaleegee? په جاوديدونکی سامان کې کوم قسم ګوله بارود استعماليږی؟
Play Button Is this IED located in a vehicle? Play Button pa gaardee key baaRoodee suRang shta? په ګاډی کې بارودی سرنګ شته؟
Play Button Where is the owner of this vehicle? Play Button da dey gaardee maalik chaRta dey? د دی ګاډی مالک چرته دی؟
Play Button Who made the IED? Play Button baaRoodee suRang chaa joRl kaRley dey? بارودی سرنګ چا جوړ کړی دی؟
Play Button Where was the IED built? Play Button baaRoodee suRang chaRta key joRl shawey wo? بارودی سرنګ چرته کې جوړ شوی وو؟
Play Button Where was the IED stored prior to emplacement? Play Button dey zaay na maKhkey baaRoodee suRang chaRta key keyKhodal keedo? دی ځای نه مخکې بارودی سرنګ چرته کې کيښودل کيدو؟
Play Button Is there a second or backup detonator? Play Button dwayam yaa izaafee da damaakey waalaa shey shta? دويم يا اضافی د دهماکې واﻻ شې شته؟
Play Button Is there a secondary device to attack aid and rescue workers? Play Button pa imdaadee aw bachaawalo waalaa kaRkawunko baandey hamley da paaRa izaafee shey shta? په امدادی او بچاولو واﻻ کارکونکو باندی حملې د پاره اضافی شې شته؟
Play Button Who is the target of this IED? Play Button da baaRoodee suRang nishaanaa sok dey? د بارودی سرنګ نشانه څوک دی؟
Play Button What else can you tell me about the IED or the individuals involved? Play Button taaso maa taa baaRoodee suRang pa baaRey key yaa aagha sok che pakey laas laRee, noR se wayeley shee? تاسو ما ته بارودی سرنګ په بارې کې يا هغه څوک چه پکې ﻻس لری ، نور څه ويلې شی؟
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