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Play Button Where and when did you observe the missile? Play Button taaso chaRta aw kalaa meezaayil kataley wo? تاسو چرته او کله ميزايل کتلې وو؟
Play Button What is the name and caliber of the weapon? Play Button da wasley noom aw kutaR yey se dey? د وسلې نوم او قطر يې څه دی؟
Play Button What identifying marks were on the weapon? Play Button wasley baandey shanaaKhtee naKhey se wey? وسلې باندې شناختی نښې څه وی؟
Play Button What types of sights were mounted on the weapon? Play Button pu waslaa baandey koom Rang nishaaney lageedaley wey? په وسله باندی کوم رنګ نشانې لګيدلې وی؟
Play Button Was the weapon wire-guided? Play Button aayaa waslaa da taaR pu zaReeya isteymaaleedaa? ايا وسله د تار په ذريعه استعماليده؟
Play Button Was the missile tube reused or thrown away? Play Button aayaa da meezaayil tyoob byaa isteymaal shawey wo kaa ghoRzawal shawey wo? ايا د ميزايل ټيوب بيا استعمال شوې وو که غورځول شوی وو؟
Play Button What else can you tell me about this missile system? Play Button taaso maa taa dey meezaayil nizaam pu baaRey key noR se weyley shee? تاسو ما ته دی ميزايل نظام په بارې کې نور څه ويلې شی؟
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