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Play Button What is the type and name of the vehicle? Play Button da gaardee kisam aw noom se dey? د ګاډی قسم او نوم څه دی؟
Play Button What types of weapons were mounted on the vehicle? Play Button pa gaardee baandey koom kisam waslaa lagawal shawee waa? په ګاډی باندی کوم قسم وسله لګول شوی وه؟
Play Button Where and when did you last observe this vehicle? Play Button taaso aaKhiRee zal chaRta aw kala daa gaardey kataley wo? تاسو اخری ځل چرته او کله دا ګاډی کتلې وو؟
Play Button Where is the vehicle stored? Play Button gaardey chaRta jamaa keygee? ګاډی چرته جمع کيږی؟
Play Button Is this vehicle military or civilian? Play Button daa pozee gaardey dey kaa aamomee? دا پوځی ګاډی دی که عمومی؟
Play Button What changes have been made to the vehicle? Play Button gaardee key se badloon shawey dey? ګاډی کې څه بدلون شوی دی؟
Play Button Is the vehicle wheeled or tracked? Play Button gaardey paKhpala zee aw kaa RaKhkal keegee? ګاډې پخپله ځی او که راښکل کيږی؟
Play Button Does the vehicle have a communications system? Play Button gaardey mowaaslaatee nizaam laRee? ګاډی مواصلاتی نظام لری؟
Play Button Describe the vehicle to me. Play Button maa taa da gaardee tashReeh okRla ما ته د ګاډی تشريح وکړه
Play Button What else can you tell me about this vehicle? Play Button taaso maa taa dey gaardee pu baaRey key noR se wayeley shee? تاسو ما ته دی ګاډی په باری کې نور څه ويلې شی؟
Play Button How many crew members operated this vehicle? Play Button sumRa aamalaa daa gaardey chalawee? څومره عمله دا ګاډی چلوی؟
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