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Play Button What is the caliber and type of the weapon? Play Button da wasley kutaR sumRa dey? aw koom kisam waslaa dey? د وسلې قطر څومره دی؟ او کوم قسم وسله دی؟
Play Button Is this a direct fire weapon like a rifle or bazooka? Play Button aayaa daa topak yaa baazooka pashaantey maKhaamaKh dazo waalaa waslaa dey? ايا دا ټوپک يا بازوکه پشانتې مخامخ ډزو واﻻ وسله دی؟
Play Button Is this an indirect fire weapon like a mortar or cannon? Play Button aayaa daa maaRtaR yaa topey pashaantey maKhaamaKh dazey na kawalo waalaa waslaa dey? ايا دا مارټر يا توپې پشانتې مخامخ ډزې نه کولو واﻻ وسله دی؟
Play Button Was the weapon mounted on a tripod? Play Button daa waslaa dRey pKho waalaa stand baandey lagawal shawee wa? دا وسله دری پښو واﻻ سټينډ باندی لګول شوی وه؟
Play Button How many personnel operated this specific weapon? Play Button sumRa aamalaa daa Khaas waslaa chalawee? څومره عمله دا خاص وسله چلوی؟
Play Button Where and when did you see this weapon? Play Button taaso chaRta aw kala daa waslaa oleedala? تاسو چرته او کله دا وسله وليدله؟
Play Button What was the approximate size of the projectile? Play Button da pRojektaayil andaazan peymaayash sumRa wo? د پروجيکټايل اندازأ پيمايش څومره وو؟
Play Button Has the weapon been modified in any way? Play Button pa wasley key kooma nawee tabdeelee shawee dey? په وسلې کې کومه نوی تبديلی شوی دی؟
Play Button How effective was the crew operating the weapon? (accuracy in training) Play Button da wasley isteymaalawalo waalaa aamalaa sumRa poR-asaRaa waa? د وسلې استعمالولو واﻻ عمله څومره پر اثره وه؟
Play Button Was the crew accurate? Play Button aamalaa sahee waa? عمله صحيح وه؟
Play Button How was the crew trained? Play Button aamalaa sumRa taRbeeyat yaaftaa waa? عمله څومره تربيت يافته وه؟
Play Button What identifying marks were on the weapon? Play Button wasley baandey shanaaKhtee naKhey se wey? وسلې باندې شناختی نښې څه وی؟
Play Button How fast did this weapon fire? How many rounds (bullets) per minute? Play Button daa waslaa sumRa teyzey dazey kawee? pa yo minit key sumRa goley daz kawee? دا وسله څومره تيزې ډزې کوی؟ په بو منټ کې څومره ګولې ډز کوی؟
Play Button Did the crew perform barrel changes? Play Button aayaa aamaley da topak naaley badlawaley shawa? ايا عملې د ټوپک نالی بدلولې شوه؟
Play Button Did the gun crew have a radio or binoculars? Play Button da topak aamaley Redyo yaa dooRbeen daRlodal? د ټوپک عملې ريډيو يا دوربين درلودل؟
Play Button What else can you tell me about this weapon system? Play Button taaso maa taa dey wasley motalik noR se weyley shee? تاسو ما ته دی وسلې متعلق نور څه ويلی شی؟
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