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Play Button What area in ___ has a high crime rate? Play Button wonten ___ daa-eRah poondee eng kaang mboten aamaan? Wonten ___ daerah pundi ingkang mboten aman?
Play Button What area in ___ would you feel uncomfortable entering with your family? Play Button wonten ___ paanjenengaan saa kloowaaRgee aajReh mlebet daa-eRah poondee? Wonten ___ panjenengan sakkluargi ajrih mlebet daerah pundi?
Play Button What areas of ___ are considered unsafe for Americans to enter? Why? Play Button daa-eRah poondee kemaawon wonten ___ eng kaang mboten aamaan kaang gey teeyaang aameReekaa? kenging maanopo? Daerah pundi kemawon wonten ___ ingkang mboten aman kangge tiyang Amerika? Kenging punapa?
Play Button What organized crime elements exist in ___? Play Button oonsoR kejaahaataan teR oRgaaneeseR maanopo eng kaang wonten ___? Unsur kejahatan terorganisir punapa ingkang wonten ___?
Play Button What are the most common criminal acts committed in ___? Play Button kejaahaataan maanopo eng kaang paaling aasRing wonten ___? Kejahatan punapa ingkang paling asring wonten ___?
Play Button What illegal substances are available in this area? Play Button wonten obaat teRlaaRaang maanopo wonten daa-eRah mReekee? Wonten obat terlarang punapa wonten daerah mriki?
Play Button How are the drugs transported into this area? Play Button obaat teRlaaRaang maaneeko deepoon aangkot mReekee ngaang gey maanopo? Obat terlarang punika dipunangkut mriki ngangge punapa?
Play Button Who controls the sale of these drugs? Play Button seenten eng kaang ngendaaley aaken peenjoo-aalaan obaat teRlaaRaang? Sinten ingkang ngendaliaken penjualan obat terlarang?
Play Button Is local law enforcement capable of dealing with the current criminal threat? Play Button maanopo poleesee mReekee saakit naangaanee aanchaamaan kejahaataan? Punapa polisi mriki saged nangani ancaman kejahatan?
Play Button If not, what specific areas is local law enforcement unable to control? Play Button manaawee mboten saakit baageeyan maanopo eng kaang mboten saakit deepoon taangaanee? Menawi mboten saged, bagian punapa ingkang mboten saged dipuntangani?
Play Button What prevents local law enforcement from controlling the local criminal threat? Play Button kenging maanopo poleesee mboten saakit naangaanee aanchaamaan kejaahaataan maaneeko waa-oo? Kenging punapa polisi mboten saged nangani ancaman kejahatan punika wau?
Play Button What specific criminal threats pose the greatest concern for US Forces in the area? Play Button aanchaamaan kejaahaataan maanopo eng kaang paaling aaging kaang gey paasookaan aameReekaa wonten mReekee? Ancaman kejahatan punapa ingkang paling ageng kangge pasukan Amerika wonten mriki?
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