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Play Button What is the condition of the weapon? Play Button waz'eeyatee salaah chetoR ast? وضعیت سلاح چطور است؟
Play Button Why is the weapon in this condition? Play Button chiRaa salaah ba in waz'eeyat qaRaaR daaRad? چرا سلاح به این وضعیت قرار دارد؟
Play Button Who maintains the weapons? Play Button ki az in salaa haa muRaaqibat meykunad? که ازین سلاح ها مراقبت میکند؟
Play Button How do you get replacement parts and weapons? Play Button in asleha wa puRzajaatey ta'aweezee aanRaa az kujaa badast mee aawaReed? این اسلحه و پرزهجات تعویضی آنرا ازکجا بدست می آورید؟
Play Button Where are the weapons stored? Play Button asleha daR kujaa nigah-daaRee meeshawad? اسلحه در کجا نگهداری میشود؟
Play Button Is the storage facility guarded? Play Button aayaa mahaley nigah-daaRee asleha muhaafezat meeshawad? آیا محل نگهداری اسلحه محافظت میشود؟
Play Button How are the weapons transported? Play Button in asleha chitoR hamlo naqul meeshawad? این اسلحه چطور حمل ونقل میشود؟
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