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Play Button What is the condition of the weapon? Play Button masaryaw bamin aynet honeyta laay no? የመሳሪያው፡ሁኔታ፡በምን፡አይነት፡ሁኔታ፡ላይ፡ነው?
Play Button Why is the weapon in this condition? Play Button masaryaw lamindin no bathee ayent honeyta no yemet ganyaw? መሳሪያው፡ለምንደን፡ነው፡በዚህ፡አይነት፡ሁኔታ፡ላይ፡የሚገኘው?
Play Button Who maintains the weapons? Play Button masaryaw chon man no yemet aganacho? መሳሪያዎቹን፡ማን፡ነው፡የሚጠግናቸው?
Play Button How do you get replacement parts and weapons? Play Button lathee masarya melawecha kayet no yemet taka neyot? ለዚህ፡መሳሪያ፡መለዋወጫ፡ከየት፡ነው፡የምታገኙ፡ት?
Play Button Where are the weapons stored? Play Button masaryocho yet no yemet kamatot? መሳሪያዎቹ፡የት፡ነው፡የሚቀመጡት?
Play Button Is the storage facility guarded? Play Button yatakamal tabet bota / giv jabet yetabakal? የተቀመጠበት፡ቦታ / ግምዣ፡ቤት፡ይጠበቃል?
Play Button How are the weapons transported? Play Button masaryocho bemin man ged no yemey gowawazot? መሳሪኣይዎቹ፡በምን፡መንገድ፡ነው፡የሚጉዋጉዋ፡ዙት?
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