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Play Button What is the type and name of the boat? Play Button yet or chalbaw aynet na sim min din no? የጦር፡ጀልባው፡አይነትና፡ስም፡ምንድን፡ነው?
Play Button What weapons are mounted on the boat? Play Button min aynet masaryano yet or jalbawlaay yetet aamadow? ምን፡አይነት፡መሳሪያ፡ነው፡የጦር፡ጀልባው፡ላይ፡የተጠመደው?
Play Button Does a military or a civilian manufacturer produce the boat? Play Button yehenin yet or jalba besivilian / bowada darawey so halnawey yemey sara? ይሄን፡የጦር፡ጀልባ፡በሲቪሊያን / በሰላማዊ፡ሰው፡ወይንስ፡በወታደራዊ፡ሰዉ፡ሃይል፡ነዉ፡የሚሰራው?
Play Button Does this boat belong to the military? Play Button yehey jalba yet or no? ይሄ፡ጀልባ፡የጦሩ፡ነው?
Play Button What identifying marks are located on the boat? Weapons? Equipment? Play Button min aynet yatalayey mileket yet or jalbowlay alah? ምን፡አይነት፡የተለየ፡ምልክት፡የጦር፡ጀልባው፡ላይአለ?
Play Button Is there a communication mast on the boat? Play Button yet or jalbow min aynet yamakananya antena alah? የጦር፡ጀልባው፡ላይ፡ምን፡አይነት፡የመገናኛ፡አንቴና፡አለ?
Play Button Where and when did you last observe this boat? Play Button yetena machey no yet or jalbown yay yehoo? የትና፡መቼ፡ነው፡የጦር፡ጀልባውን፡ያየኸ፡ው?
Play Button Did another boat support and protect this boat? Play Button yehenin yator chalba layla chalbayay gorat anda aders sekalakel naber? ይኽን፡የጦር፡ጀልባ፡ሌላ፡ጀልባ፡ላይ፡ጉዳት፡እንዳይደርስ፡ሲከላከል፡ነበር?
Play Button Did the boat have a flat or round bottom? Play Button yet or jalbaw kasoro taftaf fano weys kef? የጦር፡ጀልባው፡ከጀርባው፡ተፍጣፋ፡ነው፡ወይንስ፡ክብ?
Play Button Where is the vehicle stored? Play Button makeyno yet no ya komo? መኪናው፡የት፡ነው፡የተቀመጠው?
Play Button Are there any armored or reinforced parts on the boat? Play Button jalbaw bred labasno weynis baley la nager yatagarno? ጀልባው፡ብረት፡ለበስ፡ወይንም፡በሌላ፡ነገር፡የጠነከረ፡ነው፡ወይ?
Play Button What else can you tell me about this boat? Play Button selatheeKh jalba layla yamed tanagren nager alah? ስለዚህ፡ጀልባ፡ሌላ፡ምን፡የምትነግረኝ፡ነገር፡አለ?
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