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Play Button What is the type and name of the vehicle? Play Button yamakeynow aynet ena sim min din no? የመኪናው፡አይነትና፡ስም፡ምንድን፡ነው?
Play Button What types of weapons were mounted on the vehicle? Play Button makeynow laay min aynet masaryano yated aamadow? መኪናው፡ላይ፡ምን፡አይነት፡መሳሪያ፡ነው፡የተቀመጠው?
Play Button Where and when did you last observe this vehicle? Play Button yetena machenow yehenin makeenaa yayehow? የትና፡መቼ፡ነው፡ይህን፡መኪና፡የየህው?
Play Button Where is the vehicle stored? Play Button makeynow yathnow yakwamo? መኪናው፡የት፡ነው፡የተቀመጠው?
Play Button Is this vehicle military or civilian? Play Button yehey makeenaa yawat tader no waynis ya sivil? ይሄ፡መኪና፡የወታደራዊ፡ነው፡ወይንስ፡የሲቪል?
Play Button What changes have been made to the vehicle? Play Button min aynet lowt ethee makeenaa laay teder gwan? ምን፡አየነት፡ለውጥ፡እዚ፡መኪና፡ላይ፡ተደርጉል?
Play Button Is the vehicle wheeled or tracked? Play Button makeenaa gomano waynis bred yalow? መኪናው፡ጎማ፡ነው፡ወይንስ፡ብረት፡ያለዉ?
Play Button Does the vehicle have a communications system? Play Button yiH makeenaa magananya manget alow? ይህ፡መኪና፡መገናኛ፡መንገድ፡አለው?
Play Button Describe the vehicle to me. Play Button yamakeynow aynet aser dyan የመኪናውን፡አይነት፡አስረዳኝ
Play Button What else can you tell me about this vehicle? Play Button selatheeKh makeenaa min layla yamet nagrain nager aloh? ስለዚህ፡መኪና፡ምን፡ሌላ፡የምትነግረኝ፡ነገር፡አለ?
Play Button How many crew members operated this vehicle? Play Button yehenin makeenaa sint seratochon nachow yamaka dehedot? ይህንን፡መኪና፡ስንት፡ሰራተኞች፡ናቸው፡የሚያካሂዱት?
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